Ancient Eqyptians

What did we learn from the Ancient Egyptians?

 This term we will be looking at Ancient Egypt. As part of our project sessions we will be looking at Tutankhamun, how mummies were made and how they used to write.

In Science we will be looking at light and shadow. We will be exploring sources of light and discussing what makes our shadow change size. We will use what we learn to create shadow puppets inspired by Ancient Egypt.

During our Literacy lessons we will be studying defeat the monster stories looking closely at our description of the setting. We will use different types of sentences to build up our description. Before writing our own stories we will experiment at describing different settings and how the description can help set the mood of the story. Our final story that we write will be inspired by our learning in Project.

We will be starting with place value in maths and then moving on to the expanded method for addition and subtraction. Once we have learn the method we will be able to apply in when we are problem solving.

In Computing we will use online mapping tools to explore Eqypt - modern and ancient. We will also use simulations to enhance our learning and make a game using sequence and algorithms.

 At the end of the project we will be displaying our work in a museum display to share with other year groups.