Film Making Project

Year 6’s Film-Making Project

Year 6 are very excited to be starting a project on Film-Making! There will be a Literacy and Computing focus in this project as we will be writing scripts, editing and then filming the plots. It is most likely that there will be an animation focus using a variety of media and techniques.

This project will cover a lot of different curriculum areas such as:

·         Studying stop-start animation and other forms of animation

·         Script writing using our Literacy skills

·         Composing a music theme tune or sound track to our films

·         Designing props and costumes for our animation using our DT skills

·         Looking at the history of film-making including early moving images such as shadow puppets from Indonesia

·         The role of traditional story-telling in different cultures and countries

·         Studying the effects of light and shadow perspectives with links to Science

·         Time intervals and editing skills using our Maths knowledge

We will be hosting an event at the end of term to exhibit and celebrate our learning journey through our Film-Making project (details to be released at a later date). If you feel you can help in any way with this project, please feel free to contact Mr Byrne or Miss Maund.

As with any project, there are some aspects of the curriculum which do not directly link to Film-Making.

·         In Maths this term we will have having a focus on measuring and shape, and also consolidating our number work (the four operations)

·         In Literacy, we are studying instruction writing as part of a non-fiction unit

·         In Science we will be learning about classification of living things including plants, animals and micro-organisms.