Governor Information

Name   Category of Governor / Associate Member Appointed By Date appointed  Current Term (4 Years) End Date Currciculum Committee Resources Committee Responsibilites Business / Financial / Personal Interests
Fiona  Taylor Headteacher Ex-officio 01-Sep-17   Headteacher Headteacher Headteacher Staff
Sonia  Workman Local Authority Local Authority 30-Apr-12 11-Jan-20 Member Member Chair of Governors, Whistle Blowing, Learning outside the classroom No
Gemma Soffe Staff Governing Board 20-Apr-16 19-Apr-20 Member Member Staff Governor Staff
Joseph White Parent Governing Board 14-Dec-15 13-Dec-19   Member Safeguarding, Year 2, Engagement No
Saul Pope Parent Governing Board 14-Dec-15 13-Dec-19 Vice Chair   Literacy, English as an additional language, Pupil Premium, Sports premium No
Colin Mulligan Co-Opted Governing Board 19-May-10 15-Jun-19   Chair Premises, health and safety No
Martina Ward Co-Opted Governing Board 11-Nov-14 15-Jun-19 Chair Member PHSE, Values and High Performance Learning No
Chris Gentry Co-Opted Governing Board Sep-91 15-Jun-19 Member   Mathematics, Year 4 Staff, Associate member of Princes Risborough GB
Kam Salah Co-Opted Governing Board 22-Mar-13 15-Jun-19 Member   Vice Chair of Governors, Development, Early years Foundation Stage No
Jonah Graham Co-Opted Governing Board 17-Nov-15 16-Nov-19 Member Vice Chair Special Educational Needs, Most Able students, Year 5 No
Saima  Saif Co-Opted Governing Board 13-Sep-16 12-Sep-20 Member   Equality and Diversity, Science No
Fiona  Spreckley Co-Opted Governing Board 13-Sep-16 12-Sep-20   Member Year 6 No
Dale  Cadet Co-Opted Governing Board 28-Mar-17 27-Mar-21   Member Year 1, Finance No
Archana Ranganathan Co-Opted Governing Board 28-Mar-17 27-Mar-21   Member Year 3, HR No
Vacancy   Co-Opted              
Governors / Associate Members who have stepped down in the last 12 months        
Name   Category of Governor Appointed By Date appointed  Date term ended / stepped down        
Kay Nicholls Co-Opted Governing Board 12-Jan-16 23-Oct-16        
Steve  Widd Co-Opted Governing Board 16-Jun-15 16-Sep-16