Harry Potter

Harry Potter Project!

Year 6 are sprinkling a little bit of magic into the Autumn Term with their new Harry Potter Project! This Project allows us to study a great British author, J. K. Rowling, and also look in more depth at themes within the books.

·         We will be using our writing skills to plan and write ‘defeat the monster’ stories with a focus on describing different beasts such as dragons, trolls and mer-people. We are also hoping to write some poetry based on these beasts and perform these to each other.

·         In addition we will be using our mathematical understanding of ratio and proportion to work out different potion combinations to cast spells upon our unsuspecting teachers! We will also be practising our knowledge of co-ordinates by navigating our way around Hogwarts.

·         This Project allows for plenty of Art and D&T; we will be designing and painting dragons in the first instance to use in conjunction with our poetry writing. We are hoping to use our D&T skills to build some equipment that may have been found lying around Hogwarts (for example, wands or broomsticks)!

·         We will be using our drama skills to study characterisation and plot development over the course of this Project.

·         Potion making and astronomy (space) lessons will make good use of our science learning from Year 5 and we eagerly await these lessons.

·         Mr MacKenzie will be proud of us as we will be learning to play a new sport – quidditch! We will learn the rules and positions on the quidditch pitch with an aim to holding a tournament.

Other subjects we will cover (outside of Potter-mania) are:

·         Maths – a focus on place value and the four operations

·         Spanish – learning about how to say our favourite pastimes and sports

·         Science – a focus on the human body including circulation

·         RE – learning about different religions in the community

·         Computing – instructions, secret codes, ciphers and solving problems as well developing games in Kodu for the PA Christmas Fayre as well 

Please let us know if you can assist in this Project in any way; we would really appreciate any specialist expertise or knowledge!