Aloha! To kick off Year 5, we took our learning to the other side of the world and did a project on Hawaii!

 In Geography, we revised the world’s continents in order to locate Hawaii. We then focused on its environmental regions, key physical (rivers, mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes) and human characteristics (types of settlement and land use). In History we learnt about the indigenous people of the islands; the British explorer James Cook who ‘discovered’ the islands; and right up to when it became an official state of America in 1959.

In Art, we created artwork inspired by the Hawaiian landscape using water colours, as well as looking at the significance of Tiki masks and creating our own.

In Music, we developed our understanding of staff and other musical notations, by learning to play the ukulele – a traditional Hawaiian instrument.

In Design and Technology we prepared and cooked some Hawaiian recipes, such as pineapple pudding cake - one of the things Hawaii is famous for is its pineapple production! This also involved having to use our Maths skills, when using the measurements given in the recipe. Outside of our mathematical project lessons, we started the year by looking at number and place value and then moved on to the four number operations, using increasingly larger numbers.

 Around 300-500AD, Polynesians found the Hawaiian Islands in voyaging canoes. In Literacy, we looked at the story of Disney’s Moana, the story a Polynesian chief’s daughter, who is chosen by the ocean itself to reunite a mystical relic with a goddess. The ancient Hawaiians, like most indigenous peoples, felt a deep connection with nature and explained everything from the creation of the Earth to the lava flowing from their volcanoes through the stories of their gods and goddesses. We used them as inspiration to write our own myth, with a focus on the setting.

We also started the year by learning about different kinds of forces in Science. We looked at what it means when forces are balanced and unbalanced, what gravity is, as well as working scientifically by carrying out some fun investigations into air resistance, water resistance and friction.

In Physical Education, we started the term developing our flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance in gymnastic lessons.

In Computing we used online mapping to investigate the islands of Hawaii. We also did some research and made quizzes about Hawaii. We compared our quizes having made one in Purple Mash and the other with code in Scratch and discussed which we preferred making and using and why.

In Religious Education this term, we focused on the way different religions worship, comparing Hinduism and Islam to Christianity. In Spanish we learnt the parts of the face, as well as learning about Day of the Dead, which is celebrated in Mexico (our focus country for Year 5).

We celebrated the end of our project with an exhibition of our amazing work.