High Performance Learning

Successful Learning at The Downley School

The Downley School are very proud to be a pioneer school for High Performance Learning. In fact, we are the only Primary school to be part of the eight pioneer schools!

“High Performance Learning is an advanced pedagogy that helps schools become world class through systematically developing superior cognitive performance in all students.” Professor Deborah Eyre. If you would like to find out more about High Performance Learning, please visit the website: www.highperformancelearning.co.uk

At The Downley School, we already teach some of the skills that High Performance Learning celebrates, such as analytical thinking, adapting and changing ideas over time and making links between areas of learning. We also have our Values Based Education, which feeds into our attitudes towards our learning.

The five areas of successful learning that we will be focusing on are:

  • Analysing
  • Linking
  • Creating
  • Meta-thinking
  • Realising

We have launched High Performance Learning with an assembly to both KS1 and KS2 and you can find the presentations below. The children are looking forward to receiving stickers in their books when they have shown one of the five learning attributes!

This term, our focus is on Creating and we look forward to updating the website with examples of children showing this across the curriculum.

Please see below a letter from Professor Deborah Eyre of HPL on how to grow great minds and make your home a high performance learning home.

  1. HPL Launch Assembly KS1
  2. HPL Launch Assembly KS2
  3. Parent Communication re HPL