Parents as Partners


Parents are a child's first and most important educator. At The Downley School we value and appreciate the important role parents have in supporting each child, developing them to develop a positive attitude to school and a love of learning.

Research has shown that children learn best when home and school work in partnership. There is a strong and clear link between parental engagement and children's achievement.

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We are keen to ensure that our parents are provided with opportunities to learn how to support learning in the most effective way. We therefore offer a range of activities for parents to actively participate their children's education and are always appreciative of suggestions as to how we can help even more.

Parent/teacher consultation evenings

Consultation evenings are held in the autumn and spring terms. They are a chance for parents to meet with teachers and discuss their child's learning and progress, areas in which they need extra support or additional challenge. The children are welcomed and encouraged to be a part of these meetings, so they are able to hear how well they are doing and what targets they have to make their next steps of progress. Parents are encouraged to be aware of their child's national curriculum levels and discuss goals based on the levelled sheets every child has in their books and also at home.  These are also opportunities to discuss any concerns teachers or parents have, although we encourage proactive communication at all times to address concerns as soon as they happen. A further opportunity to meet with teachers is available after publication of the End of Year report in July.

Open evening

In the summer term, parents are invited to tour the whole school, guided by their children. They are able to look around all the classrooms and facilities, celebrate the school's work and meet with staff.  It is a good opportunity to prepare for the new academic year.  

Curriculum evenings

These are very well attended by parents, keen to learn how best to help their children with their learning. They have focused on Mathematics and Literacy in recent months, giving parents information as to the latest in educational thinking and practical ways in which to support their children. 

Mums/Dads In School Days

Once a year we invite Mums or Dads to spend some time in school, working alongside their children in class. These events are extremely popular and it is a wonderful opportunity for parents to get a feel of their child's learning environment.


In conjunction with the Governing Body an annual survey is created to help the staff and governors evaluate how parents feel about all aspects of the school.  Feedback is taken very seriously and used to ensure the very best is being done for every child at The Downley School.  It is also a chance to hear what the school is doing really well and to maintain the high standards. Surveys are also conducted on a regular basis to consult with parenst over important decisions and changes.

Parents Association

All parents are automatically members of the PA. They are invited and encouraged to participate in the various functions and fundraising initiatives that are arranged throughout the year. These events raise money for extra equipment around the school that would otherwise not be available to the children (eg many of the IT resources and playground equipment is funded by the PA).

School news

Good News Friday is published each week and a newsletter at the end of each half term. The new school website will be frequently updated with Latest News and events.


Lots of parents offer their time to volunteer in school - hearing reading, leading guided reading groups, helping in class, with school trips, running extra curricular clubs, clearing the pond area and serving at the Downley Diner. If you would like to volunteer, please talk to the classteacher. You will need a short induction and also to apply for a CRB (security) check through the school office. We are extremely grateful for all the extra help and support from our parents.