The Victorians

Year 6’s Victorian Project

“Being a child nowadays is easier than being a child in Victorian times.” What do you think? This was the question that Year 6 have been seeking to answer throughout this project.

In this project, we learnt about aspects of this era that interested the children such as school life, rich and poor lifestyles and working conditions for children. We also studied some texts that were written in the Victorian era such as Oliver Twist and Great Expectations (both by Charles Dickens) and the message behind the carol Good King Wenceslas. We kept referring back to our question about whether children today have an easier time than children in Victorian Britain.

We visited Hughenden Manor on Thursday 16th November to explore how rich and poor Victorians celebrated Christmas. We made Christmas decorations, learnt about the clothes rich Victorians would have worn and presents they would have given to each other. We thought about how poor Victorians would have lived and had a tour of the Manor. We concluded that it would have been quite nice to be a wealthy Victorian child, but maybe more difficult if you were not well off.

This project covered a lot of different curriculum areas such as:

  • Studying Charles Darwin linking to our Evolution and Inheritance unit in Science
  • Writing a newspaper reports of the famous incident in the workhouse where Oliver Twist asked for more food
  • Learning more about the land use and housing in London during the Victorian era and comparing this to London today using old and new maps
  • Using our reading skills to compare Oliver Twist and Great Expectations – we realised how many similarities there are between Oliver and Pip!
  • Learning some Victorian Christmas carols to link with Music
  • We used our mathematical knowledge to solve problems based on area, money, fractions, decimals and percentages.

As with any project, there are some aspects of the curriculum which do not directly link to the Victorians.

  • In Maths this term we had a focus on fractions and also consolidating our number work (the four operations)
  • In Literacy, we studied journalistic writing as part of a non-fiction unit. We then wrote fantastic setting descriptions and finished the term with writing short, Christmas stories in groups with a moral message about how to treat others.
  • We even learnt how to tell the story of Hansel and Gretal in Spanish!
  • In Computing we began to investigate collaborative working and online commuications with our own Google accounts.

Please look through our gallery of photos from our trip to Hughenden Manor. We are looking forward to next term’s project – Film-making!