Values Assemblies

Each month, our new value is launched in a Monday assembly which all children and all staff attend.

Children are invited to look at the assembly with their families (via the website) and to talk about the focus value. This encourages excellent home/school communication and helps parents to be engaged with the learning which is happening at school. It has also proved extremely valuable in children talking about what values mean at home and bringing their own opinions, thoughts and reflections into school to share with others.

Click on the links below to see the assemblies.


  1. Values May 2018 FRIENDSHIP
  2. Values March 2018 TRUST AND HONESTY
  3. Values February 2018 POSITIVITY
  4. Values January 2018 CONSIDERATION
  5. Values December 2017 HOPE
  6. Values November 2017 COURAGE
  7. Values October 2017 EQUALITY web
  8. Values September 2017 PEACE
  9. Values JULY 2017 KINDNESSB
  10. Values June 2017 RESPONSIBILITY
  11. Values May 2017 RESPECT Assembly
  12. Values March 2017 COMPASSION
  13. Values February 2017 LOVE
  14. Values January 2017 Determination
  16. Values October 2016 Tolerance
  17. Values September 2016 CONFIDENCE (KS1)
  18. Values September 2016 CONFIDENCE (KS2)
  19. Values July 2016 PRIDE
  20. Values June 2016 SELF CONTROL
  21. Values April 2018 SELF BELIEF