What the Romans and Anglo Saxons did for us

Project Based Learning – What the Romans and Anglo Saxons did for us?

During the Autumn Term, Year 4 learnt about the Romans.

We took a close look at many of the topics that children suggested e.g. Why the Romans came to Britain, how was Roman culture different e.g. food, clothes and housing, what was life like as a Roman soldier and what did they make and invent?

Now we’re at end of the Project, Centurion Fyfe and Centurion Steiner have our ‘4th Legion’ recruits whipped into shape and ready to show their understanding of army formations along with some fantastic artwork.

We visited the Verulamium Museum on Monday 2nd October. Verulamium was a town in Roman Britain. It was sited in the southwest of the modern city of St Albans in Hertfordshire, Great Britain. This was a fantastic trip and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the Romans and handling artefacts that were over 2 thousand years old. 

During the second half of the term we looked at the decline of the Roman occupation of Britain and the rise of the Anglo-Saxons. This included learning about the life and pastimes of Anglo Saxons and the emergence of the Vikings.  

The outcome of our Project Based Learning was shared in our classrooms, where parents were invited to see our Project Based Learning books and artwork that we had produced- our wonderful clay tea light holders. 

Other Subjects                                                                                                                              Not every curriculum area linked directly to our Project Based Learning. In Literacy, we looked at fiction ‘Warning Tales’, with a focus on Openings and Endings. In Maths, we looked at place value and number for 4 digits and revising our use of calculation strategies for all 4 operations, both written and mental. This included initial estimations and final checking by using reverse operations.

In Science, we learnt vocabulary for Scientific Investigations. For Physics this term, we looked at Circuits, and in Biology we explored the digestive system and teeth. In PSHCE we explored ‘What Makes a Successful Learner’.

In Computing as well as investigating several Roman simulations we tested our computational thinking and logic skills by doing a series of BEBRAS challenges. We were very happy with our results and especially with the resilience and confidence of all who took part as some of it was pretty tricky!

We also developed and applied our understanding of different values and how they can be incorporated into everything we do, both at school and at home.

Year 4 have had a fantastic first term and we look forward to seeing lots more awesome learning that will happen in the New Year.

Mrs Fyfe & Mrs Steiner