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Latest News from The Downley School

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  • 05/04/19

    Donation - Marine Conservation Society

    The children raised a fantastic £2000 to donate to the Marine Conservation Society.
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  • 08/05/18

    May Friendship

    Our focus value for the month of May is FRIENDSHIP. Friendships are incredibly important as children and adults feel happiest when they are with friends. This month we will be reflecting on what makes a good friend and if we ourselves are showing the friendship qualities we want to see in others...
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  • 08/05/18

    Self Belief in April

    Our value for May is ‘Self Belief’. Self-Belief is having confidence in your own abilities, the judgements and decisions you make and having the ability to keep going even when times get tough. Having Self-Belief is incredibly important in life.
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  • 05/03/18

    March - Trust & Honesty

    Our values for March are ‘Trust’ and ‘Honesty’. In school this month we will be investigating the importance of having trust and honesty to build and maintain our friendships with others.
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  • 05/02/18

    Positivity in February

    Our value for February is “Positivity”. Showing the value of Positivity is incredibly important both for ourselves and others. 
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  • 29/01/18

    January Consideration

    Our value for January is “Consideration”. Showing the value of Consideration is incredibly important both for ourselves and others. 
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  • 11/12/17

    School Open!

    The Downley School will be open on Tuesday 12th December 2017
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  • 10/12/17


    Due to severe weather conditions The Downley School will be closed on Monday 11th December 2017.   The status of TDS and other schools in County can be seen here:
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  • 08/12/17

    December Hope

    This month in our values assembly we have discussed how people can hope for different things. Some hopes are for us personally, others are for the ones we love and some for the world that we live in. We learnt how it is up to us to make our hopes a reality and that we can make our wishes come true...
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  • 10/11/17

    Courage in November

    This month at The Downley School we will be looking at people who have shown the value of Courage and changed the world.
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  • 03/11/17

    International Peace Day

    On Thursday 21st September 2017 the children at The Downley School marked International Peace Day by holding a collective Walk to School.
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  • 06/10/17

    Equality in October

    Equality is our Value for October.
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