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Latest News from The Downley School

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  • 06/10/17

    High Performance Learning

    The Downley School are very proud to be a pioneer school for High Performance Learning. In fact, we are the only Primary school to be part of the eight pioneer schools!
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  • 14/09/17

    September Peace

    Peace is our Value for this month. We have started a new school year as we mean to continue - with peace in our hearts and minds.
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  • 07/07/17

    July Kindness

    The focus value for the month of July is ‘Kindness’. One of the definitions of kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. This is something we try to model all the time in school.
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  • 06/06/17

    Responsibility in June

    This month the children will be thinking about what responsibility is and how we can all work towards showing responsible actions and behaviour.
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  • 05/05/17

    May Respect

    Respect is at the core of everything we do in school. It underpins learning through behaviour and our attitudes to the people and the world around us.
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  • 10/03/17

    Compassion in March

    Compassion is our Value for March.
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  • 01/02/17

    February Love

    February is an appropriate time to be examining the Value of Love.
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  • 10/01/17

    January Determination

    The New Year is an excellent time to examine the value of Determination.  
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  • 05/12/16

    Patience in December

    December - a time for Patience!
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  • 11/11/16

    The Governing Body

    Please note we have reorganised the Governing Body pages of the school website. You can now find them here
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  • 31/10/16

    Empathy in November

    The value of empathy, as much as any other we have explored, has the potential to change our thinking and behaviour. 
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  • 20/10/16

    European Week of Languages

    At The Downley School, we celebrated The European Day of Languages with an entire week of language activities!
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