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The Downley School

“Learning, Growing and Succeeding Together”

Behaviour Management

.When a child faces challenges, they can sometimes misbehave or become difficult to manage.  The following websites provide valuable information for parents on managing behaviour in a positive and constructive way.

Our mentoring system will support the children experiencing issues within this are. We also run an 'I Message ' system where the children work together to gain resolution through the restorative justice system. This is run by an adult to support the children speaking to each other to resolve conflict. This is a proven system to giving the children ownership of behaviour, ability to hear the views of others, the value of empathy, deeper/historical issues can be dealt with that may be manifesting in behaviours and the understanding of the consequences of the choices they make. This system is about empowering the children to take ownership and responsibility for the decisions they make and not relying on adults or having them become the resolvers.

We have a in school monitoring system that is kept online to ensure that it is every ones responsibility and that we can quickly and effectively deal with any issues. We are able to identify patterns of behaviour and/or deterioration of behaviours. It also clearly shows key individuals to prevent bullying. The system links children and families and is monitored every two weeks.

If you experience any issues with behaviour please see the class teacher, only when this has been discussed and an opportunity given for resolution given go to the Phase Leader and then the Deputy Head teacher. Only in extreme circumstances should these go straight to senior leaders without following the protocol. 

Learning behaviours are also important to use. We endeavour to make every lesson fun and exciting so that the children are engaged and on task. We believe that learning is a two way process and by us providing a quality experience the children must give it their undivided attention so that no learning opportunities are lost. We monitoring this through regular monitoring of teachers and assessment. We also talk to the children to gain their views. 

We also appreciate the part that home lives and parents/carers have within this and will always seek to work with you on areas of the children's interest and jointly on how we can all improve.

Our new termly reports show not only their educational attitudes but also their abilities beyond the classroom. This was taken from out recent survey where you stated that you were not aware of how your children were doing beyond the class. It also provides us all with the chance to work together during the year to support their learning and not stating the position at the end. This is an are for development and would appreciate your feedback to make this effective and efficient.