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FACT Bucks

What is FACT Bucks?

FACT Bucks, short for Families and Carers Together in Buckinghamshire, is a group of parents and professionals who meet to discuss real issues that affect children and young people with additional needs and disabilities in Buckinghamshire.

As parents or carers, it is easy to feel your worries and concerns are not being taken seriously. FACT Bucks was set up to make sure your views and concerns are heard by those who plan and manage the services you and your child or young person relies on. It used to be known as the Parent Consultative Group (PCG) and was set up by Parent Partnership in 2000.

Information is provided on a number of specialised support services that are provided for children with specific learning difficulties, including hearing, visual and physical disabilities and Autism.

Who is FACT Bucks for?

If you are a parent or carer of a child or young person with additional needs and you live in Buckinghamshire, you can come along to one of our local meetings and get involved.

Working together we can make a difference to the services our children receive. And who better to make that change than us, their parents and carers?

For more information, please visit the FACT Bucks website: