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The Downley School

“Learning, Growing and Succeeding Together”

Golden Rules



We try our best and work hard

We don’t waste anyone’s time.

We are friendly, kind and helpful

We don’t hurt people or their feelings.

We respect property

We don’t waste or damage things!

We listen to people

We dont interrupt!

We are polite and have good manners

We are never rude!

We are honest

We never tell lies!

We wear our uniform with pride

We don’t look untidy!

We keep ourselves safe

We don’t do dangerous things.

Home/School Agreement

Our school community is made up of children, parents/carers, teachers, support staff and Governors. Everyone has their part to play and has specific responsibilities. So that we all understand our expectations of one another we encourage all parties to complete a Home/ School Agreement. This outlines responsibilities as:


I will:
  • Follow the Golden Rules (as attached)
  • Attend school everyday, unless I am ill; and be on time for the beginning of the school day and for each lesson
  • Be an ambassador for the school, both whilst at school and also outside of school
  • Ask adults for support and help straight away if I have any concerns


We will:
  • Ensure my/our child arrives at school on time, collected on time and is appropriately dressed and equipped
  • Make sure the school is informed if my/our child will be or is absent for any reason
  • Arrange holidays in holiday time only (children must not be taken out of school except for the most exceptional or extenuating circumstances)
  • Support the school’s aims and values; and encourage my child to follow the guidelines for behaviour and Golden Rules
  • Give my/our child support with homework to ensure an effective home/school learning partnership
  • Attend Parent Consultation meetings and curriculum information evenings
  • Inform the school of any problems that may affect my/our child’s work or behaviour
  • Respect all members of staff and take appropriate action should we have any concerns or complaints


We will:
  • Support your child to achieve his/her maximum potential in all areas of school life and foster a love of learning
  • Encourage your child to be a responsible and respectful citizen, making decisions based on the values agreed by the school community
  • Send home a termly Report of Achievement
  • Arrange Consultation meetings for you to see, hear and talk about your child’s progress in school
  • Work with you to ensure effective home/school communication and maximum support for your child’s learning
  • Be available, through our Open Door policy, to discuss any concerns you may have and take swift and appropriate action
  • Keep you informed about school activities through regular newsletters and notices about special events