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The Downley School

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Home Learning

Here you will find suggested activities for home learning. Most work is set VIA Purple Mash but from 15 June Maths and Science will be set here. You may also wish to extend learning beyond that and here you will find some online and real life learning activities. 


Bucks Mind needs our help! They are asking people draw pictures, write stories/jokes for people who may be experiencing loneliness or isolation during this challenging time. Please send pictures to your class email address and we will pass them on to Bucks Mind.

  1. Music activities 8.6.20.DOCX File

  2. Music activities 25.5.20 Downley.DOCX File

  3. Music activities 18.5.20.PDF File

  4. Online Home Learning Resources.XLSX File

  5. Y3 Maths-Assessment-Working-Within-Evidence-Booklet.PDF File

  6. Y3-10minute-maths-30-sets.PDF File

  7. KS2-Spelling-Menu.PDF File

  8. t2-e-5063-year-3-and-4-statutory-spelling-words-activity-mat-bumper-pack-_ver_6.ZIP File

  9. Y3 conjunctions-adverbs-and-prepositions-word-mat.PDF File

  10. Reading The-Ancient-Egyptians-eBook.ZIP File

  11. t-e-2549524-lks2-reading-comprehension-activity-pack.ZIP File

  12. Wk8_9 Y3 Maths Revision Booklet.PDF File

  13. Summer Term Creative Writing Tasks June.DOCX File

  14. Maths Wk3 Lesson-1-Equivalent-fractions-1-2020.PDF File

  15. Maths Wk3 Lesson-2-Equivalent-fractions-2-2020.PDF File

  16. Maths Wk3 Lesson-3-Equivalent-fractions-3-2020.PDF File

  17. Maths Wk3 Lesson-4-Compare-fractions-2020.PDF File

  18. Maths Wk3 Fractions Answers.ZIP File

  19. Maths Wk3 Video Tutorials.PDF File

  20. Science Wk3 Lesson 1 (need light to see things) FINAL.PPTX File

  21. Science Wk4 Lesson 2 (sources of light) FINAL.PPTX File

  22. Science Wk5 Lesson 3 (reflective surfaces) FINAL.PPTX File

  23. Science Wk6 Lesson 4 (opaque, translucent, transparent) FINAL.PPTX File

  24. Science Wk7 Lesson 5 (sunglasses) FINAL.PPTX File

  25. Science Wk8 Lesson 6 (shadows) FINAL (1).PPTX File

  26. Music activities 15.6.20 Downley.PDF File

  27. Maths WK4 Lesson 1 Equivalent fractions.PDF File

  28. Maths WK4 Lesson 2 Equivalent fractions.PDF File

  29. Maths WK4 Lesson 3 Compare fractions.PDF File

  30. Maths WK4 Lesson 4 Order fractions.PDF File

  31. Maths WK4 Fractions Answers.ZIP File

  32. Maths W4 Video Tutorials.PDF File

  33. Music activities 22.6.20.DOCX File

  34. Maths WK5 Lesson 1 Add fractions 2020.PDF File

  35. Maths WK5 Lesson 2 Subtract fractions 2020.PDF File

  36. Maths WK5 Lesson 3 Problem Solving.PDF File

  37. Maths WK5 Lesson 4 Problem Solving.PDF File

  38. Maths WK5 Answers.ZIP File

  39. Maths WK5 Video Tutorial.PDF File

  40. Music activities 29.6.20.DOCX File

  41. Summer Term Creative Writing Tasks July.DOCX File

  42. FIRSTNEWS_732.PDF File

  43. L1 First News Comprehension Four-Stories-732.PDF File

  44. L2 First News Comprehension Look-Closer-732.PDF File

  45. Maths WK6 Lesson 2 Add money.PDF File

  46. Maths WK6 Lesson 3 Subtract money.PDF File

  47. Maths WK6 Lesson 4 The 3 times-table.PDF File

  48. Maths WK6 Video Tutorial .PDF File

  49. Maths WK6 Answers.ZIP File

  50. Maths WK6 Lesson 1 Convert pounds and pence.PDF File

  51. Music activities 6.7.20.DOCX File

  52. Maths WK7 Lesson 2 Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (2) 2019.PDF File

  53. Maths WK7 Lesson 3 Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2) 2019.PDF File

  54. Maths WK7 Lesson 4 Scaling 2019.PDF File

  55. Maths WK7 Video Tutorial.PDF File

  56. Maths WK7 Answers.ZIP File

  57. Maths WK7 Lesson 1 The 4 and 8 times-tables 2019.PDF File