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The Downley School

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This page will give you information about the units that we are studying in Literacy.


We are currently studying persuasive writing. We will be learning what a persuasive text is and how we can be persuaded without knowing it! We will be looking at both paper and visual texts. Towards the end of the unit we will be making our own voiceover for a new film to persuade someone to go to watch it.

We have just finished creating a magazine advert for an imaginary product. We were given an odd looking object and had to create an advert to try to persuade people to buy it! This allowed us to use some of the persuasive techniques that we had learnt.




Our last literacy unit was all about stories set in imaginary worlds. We had lots of fun looking at examples of stories set in imaginary worlds. Miss Jones' set studied Harry Potter and Mrs Batory's set studied Narnia.
We then planned and wrote our own stories set in an imaginary world.