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This page will give you information about the units that we are studying in Maths.


We cover many different aspects of Maths in Year 4 and these tend to change weekly.

Mrs Batory's Maths Group have been learning and investigating special 3D shapes - polyhedrons.  We worked in groups, building nets of tetrahedrons and Mrs Batory challenged us to double and triple tetrahedrons exploring what other shapes we could build and find their properties. We discovered that if we double a tetrahedron, which is a pyramid, we get an octahedron which has 8 equilateral triangles, 6 vertices and 12 edges. We had lots of fun exploring many other shapes too! 



Miss Jones' Maths Group have been exploring capacity and 3D shapes. We completed this unit of work by exploring the capacity of different 3D shapes by seeing how much rice we could fit into them. We had to make a net for a 3D shape, make it into the shape and then cram as much rice into it as possible. We then used our measuring skills to measure the capactity by how much rice was held. We had lots of fun and used lots of different maths skills.