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The Downley School

“Learning, Growing and Succeeding Together”

Meet the Team

Please see a list of the names of our dedicated staff including their roles.


Headteacher: Ms Taylor

Deputy Headteacher: Ms Perry

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Rana

Assistant Headteacher: Miss Richardson

School Business Manager: Ms Giles



School SENco: Mrs Day


Family Worker

School Family Worker: Mrs Wilkins


Phase Leaders

Upper Key Stage 2: Leader Mrs Winter

Lower Key Stage: 2 Leader Mrs Fyfe

Key Stage 1 Leader: Miss Richardson

Foundation Phase Leader: Miss O’Donnell



Reception Teacher: Mrs Scott

Reception Teacher:Miss O’Donnell

Year 1 Teacher: Miss Ferry

Year 1 Teacher: Mr Rushant

Year 2 Teacher: Miss Richardson

Year 2 Teacher: Miss Dorrian

Year 3 Teacher: Mr Hillebrand/Miss Appleby

Year 3 Teacher: Mrs Rana

Year 4 Teacher: Mrs Fyfe

Year 4 Teacher: Miss Donnelly

Year 5 Teacher: Mrs Winter

Year 5 Teacher: Mr Moran

Year 5 Teacher: Mrs Fourie

Year 6 Teacher: Mrs Sandu

Year 6 Teacher: Miss Latif

PE Teacher: Mr Rushant

Music Teacher: Mrs Martin


Support Staff

Reception TA: Mrs Green

Reception TA/MDS: Miss Arthur

Key Stage 1 TA/MDS:  Miss Nash

Key Stage 1 TA/MDS: Mrs Burton

Key Stage 1 TA/MDS: Mrs Kogut

Key Stage 1 HLTA/MDS: Mrs Aitken

Lower Key Stage 2 HLTA/MDS: Mrs Burnham

Lower Key Stage 2 TA: Miss O'Farrell

Lower Key Stage 2 TA: Mrs Reading

Lower Key Stage 2 TA/MDS: Miss Majid

Lower Key Stage 2 TA/MDS: Mrs Pugh Netto

Upper Key Stage 2 HLTA/MDS: Mrs Lane

Upper Key Stage 2 HLTA/Learning Outside the Classroom Lead/MDS: Mrs Haworth

Upper Key Stage 2 TA/MDS: Ms McGann

Upper Key Stage 2 TA/MDS: Ms O'Reilly

Upper Key Stage 2 TA/MDS: Mrs Thangamani

Upper Key Stage 2 TA/MDS: Mr Adham


Office Staff

Office Manager: Mrs Ovens

Assistant Administrator: Mrs Griffin

Assistant Administrator: Mrs Dashper


Site Staff

Site Manager: Mr Luxford

Site Assistant/MDS: Mr Rutland


Midday Supervisors

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Baker

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Jafari

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Saeed

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Vaughan

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Broadway

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Ashby