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The Downley School

“Learning, Growing and Succeeding Together”

Meet the Team

Please see a list of the names of our dedicated staff including their roles.


Interim Headteachers: Ms Garlick and Mrs Best

Headteacher: Ms Fiona Taylor

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs A Perry

Interim Assistant Headteacher: Mrs J Perrottet

EYFS Lead:Ms K Aslett

School SENco: Ms S Colebourne


Family Worker

School Family Worker: Ms Wilding


Learning Outside the Classroom

Learning Outside the Classroom Lead/MDS: Mrs Haworth


RW: Mrs Winterbourne

RT: Mrs Taylor

1B: Mrs Holding

1J: Ms Jones

2F: Miss French

2P: Mrs Penson

3S: Miss Shields

3D: Mrs Haworth

4F: Mrs Fyfe

4D: Mr Dollemore

5MW: Mrs Murrill/Mrs McGann

5L: Mr Langton

6L: Miss Latif

6B: Miss Byron


Support Staff

RW Classroom Support: Mrs Green, Mrs Griffin 

RT Classroom Support: Miss Siddique, Miss Hussain

1B Classroom Support: Miss Sargeant - Browne, Miss Slattery

1J Classroom Support: Miss Thomas

2F Classroom Support: Mrs Aitken, Miss Szczypior

2P Classroom Support: Miss Ramzan

3H Classroom Support: Mr Adham

3S Classroom Support: Mrs Ahmed, Miss Rashid

4F Classroom Support: Mr Webb, Mrs Burnham

4D Classroom Support: Miss Gordon, Miss Bi

Upper Key Stage 2 Classroom Support: Ms McGann, Miss Shah, Ms Keshav

Upper Key Stage 2 Classroom Support: Miss Lawrence, Mrs Biggs



Office Staff

Office Manager: Mrs Ovens

Assistant Administrator: Miss Ghiotti

Assistant Administrator: Mrs Dashper

SEN/Family Worker Administrator: Mrs Crosby


Site Staff

Caretaker: Ms Partridge

Site Assistant/MDS: Mr Rutland


Midday Supervisors

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Baker

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Vaughan

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Broadway

Midday Supervisor: Mrs Ashby