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The Downley School

“Learning, Growing and Succeeding Together”

New Curriculum and Growth Mindsets

In September 2018 we launched the Irresistible Curriculum. This curriculum is based around a quality central text and is undertaken by the whole school to extend enrichment activities. 

The curriculum is approached in a different way and has a flexible timetable as we do not believe that children learn in blocks of time. This approach allows us to extend or shorten lessons according to the learning that has taken place. We do not set the children as we believe that each child is individual and they will learn at different levels in each and every subject. In order to meet the needs of the children we provide a 'chilli challenge' of differentiated work for these lesson which cover all aspects from beginner to mastery of the subject. This promotes the children's independence in knowing what they know and what they need to learn next. This also supports the development of a Growth Mindset and the ability to try new things without the fear of failure. 

We want all the children to enjoy their learning in and out of the classroom. We aim to develop the whole child with a holistic approach. This also means that the adults in school will take risks and share the learning. Our own growth mindset allows us to admit we do not always get it right and share this with the community to further develop learning.

We will hold a curriculum meeting for parents/carers later in the year.