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The Downley School

“Learning, Growing and Succeeding Together”

Parent Forum

Terms of reference - Parents Forum

Aim: To create partnerships to facilitate the best possible experience for children by:

• Making suggestions to improve communication

• Developing a positive partnership between home and school and providing a voice for parents • Providing valuable parental feedback

• Providing support for our school


• Membership is open to all parents with children currently attending the school.

• Meetings will be attended by a member of the school Senior Management Team (normally the Deputy Head). A Governor maybe in attendance and will feedback agreed relevant issues to the Governing Body

• A quorum of 3 members must be present for the meeting to go ahead. Less than this will mean cancellation


 • The aim is to hold twice per term in the school. Extraordinary meetings can be called if required at the request of the Head teacher or assigned Governors.

• Dates to be agreed at the previous meeting

• Meetings are expected to last no longer than one and a half hours. 3)


• The agenda for each meeting is to be drawn up by the Chairman, following consultation with members and the representative from the SMT. Agenda to be issued to Parent Forum members at least 1 week before the relevant meeting. (Communication to all Parents by newletter/email – to be arranged).

• Minutes. A copy of the agreed minutes will be published on the school website (to be arranged)


• A dedicated forum email address will be available to all parents to send any thoughts to. The email address is

• A Parent Forum page on the school website to be arranged for sharing minutes, agendas and other items of Parent Forum business

• The Parent Forum will not be a place for parents to raise personal issues and concerns. Complaints involving pupils or families will not be discussed. If you have a personal concern please contact the school directly