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The Downley School

“Learning, Growing and Succeeding Together”

School Policies and Reports

Please see policies below. Should you wish to view a different policy please request one from the office.

  1. Accessibility Plan 2016-2019 under review.PDF File

  2. Accident and Illness Procedure 2020.PDF File

  3. Animals in School Policy.PDF File

  4. Behaviour Discipline and Anti Bullying Policy Autumn 2020.PDF File

  5. Cash Handling Policy Spring 2021.PDF File

  6. CCTV Policy Autumn 2020.PDF File

  7. Charging and Remissions Policy Spring 2021.PDF File

  8. Child Protection Policy Autumn 2020.PDF File

  9. Code of Conduct Parent, Carer, Visitor 2020.PDF File

  10. Complaints and Resolution Policy Oct 2018 under review.PDF File

  11. Confidentiality Policy Autumn 2020.PDF File

  12. Covid 19 Catch Up Premium Plan 2020 2021.PDF File

  13. Debt Recovery Policy Spring 2021.PDF File

  14. Disruptive Visitors Autumn 2020.PDF File

  15. Educational Visits Policy 2021 - 2023.PDF File

  16. Equalities & Cohesion Policy Oct 2018.PDF File

  17. E-Safety Policy Autumn 2020.PDF File

  18. Freedom of Information.PDF File

  19. Freedom of Information - Appendix.PDF File

  20. Health and Safety Policy Spring 2020.PDF File

  21. Hiring and letting Policy 2021.PDF File

  22. Home School Agreement - Remote Learning 2021.PDF File

  23. Home School Agreement Covid 19 2020-2021.PDF File

  24. Online Safety Policy Autumn 2020.PDF File

  25. Personal Safety Policy 2021 .PDF File

  26. PSHE overview - THE DOWNLEY SCHOOL - Appendix 1.PDF File

  27. PSHE Policy Spring 2020..PDF File

  28. Pupil Premium Report 2019-2020.PDF File

  29. Relationships Policy Spring 2020.PDF File

  30. Remote Learning Policy Spring 2020 continuous during Covid 19.PDF File

  31. Remote Education Provision- Information for parents.carers.doc.PDF File

  32. School Attendance Policy 2019 2022.PDF File

  33. School Fund Policy Spring 2021.PDF File

  34. SEND Policy Spring 2020.PDF File

  35. Sex Education Policy Spring 2020.PDF File

  36. SEN Report Oct 2020.PDF File

  37. Snow & Gritting Policy Spring 2020.PDF File

  38. Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy Spring 2020.PDF File

  39. Update to Safeguarding Policy - Covid 19.PDF File

  40. Whistleblowing Policy Spring 2021.PDF File