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Spelling List Homework Links - Sum Term

Wk 1 Suffix –ation for nouns

Wk 2 Suffix –ation for nouns

Wk 3 Suffix –ous (no change to root word)

Wk4 Suffix –ous (no definite root word)

Wk5 Suffix –ous (words ending in y become I and our become or)

Wk6 Suffix –ous (words ending in e, drop it; but not ending in ge)


Wk1 Words with a soft /c/ spelt ce or ci

Wk2 Word families

Wk3 Word families

Wk4 /aw/ sound spelt augh or au


Wk5 Statutory spellings - NC Words Y3/4

Wk6 Statutory spellings - NC Words Y3/4

Final end of year revision & test