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The Downley School

“Learning, Growing and Succeeding Together”

Term and Holiday Dates

Please note we will no longer be closing the school early on the last day of term. Children will remain for the normal school hours.

YEAR 2019/2020: 

  Open on morning of: Close on afternoon of:
Autumn Term Wednesday 04 September 
Monday 04 November 
Friday 25 October
Thursday 19 December
Spring Term Tuesday 07 January  
Monday 24 February
Friday 14 February
Friday 03 April
Summer Term  Monday 20 April 
Monday 01 June  
Friday 22 May
Tuesday 21 July

In addition, please note that the school will be closed to pupils for staff training days on:

Monday 02 September 2019, Tuesday 03 September 2019, Monday 06 January 2020 and two other days to be advised.  School will also be closed on Friday 08th May 2020 for the May Bank Holiday.

Requests for Leave of Absence during term time:

Parents/carers are advised that requests for holiday during term time will not be authorised, except in the most exceptional and extenuating circumstances. All requests must be submitted in advance to the school office on the correct forms. Supporting evidence of exams etc should be stapled to application. If the form is not completed or the application is marked as unauthorised this will be entered onto the school records. It is important that your children attend school everyday and on time as this impacts on their learning.

YEAR 2020/2021: 

  Open on morning of: Close on afternoon of:
Autumn Term Wednesday 02 September 
Monday 02 November 
Friday 23 October
Thursday 18 December
Spring Term Tuesday 05 January  
Monday 22 February
Friday 12 February
Friday 01 April
Summer Term  Monday 19 April 
Monday 07 June  
Friday 28 May
Tuesday 21 July