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The Downley School

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Year Group Information

Year 6 Start of the Year Information

Dear Parents/Carers,

This note covers topics such as the timetable, classroom organisation, and homework. It is not meant to be totally comprehensive as we hope to make many changes to the curriculum and the learning experiences across the whole school this year. Further details will be provided on this blog or sent out via parent mail as and when they become available.

Adults in Year Six:

Class Teachers: Mrs Sandhu and Miss Latif

LSAs in Upper Key Stage Two:

Mrs Lane 

Mrs Howarth 

Timetable and classroom organisation

Start of the day - 8.30am

End of the day - 3.25pm


1)  P.E. will take place on Mondays and Fridays.

Please ensure that your child has the correct P.E. kit and that all items are named. P.E. kit can be worn from home on P.E. days and children can keep it on all day. The school P.E. kit consists of a white shirt (polo shirt or T-shirt), navy blue short, trainers and a navy blue tracksuit for outdoors (no hooded tops). Our school uniform is non gender specific.

2)  Reading books and reading records should be brought to school on Fridays.

Children should bring in their reading records weekly, so that they can be checked at school. They will be sent home on Mondays. Children should be reading to an adult at least three times per week and the reading record should be signed by the adult to show this. Class teachers will check that the children are reading suitable texts as well as encourage them to read a range of genres. 

3) Water Bottles and Pencil Cases

Children should bring in a named water bottle which will be kept inside the classroom and sent home at the end of each day due to Covid 19. Children to have their own named pencil case in Key Stage Two. We would ask that they keep these to a suitable size in order that this fits in their plastic folders during Covid 19 . They should contain:

HB pencils, a pencil sharpener, a rubber, a 30cm ruler, coloured pencils, whiteboard pens and glue sticks.


As a school, we are still in the process of reviewing our homework policy and will share any changes when final decisions have been made. For now, the priorities for homework for Year 6 children are:

  1. Reading and Spelling
  2. Mathletics/times tables practice including Times Table Rockstars
  3. Completion of weekly tasks in CGP books (to begin in November 2020; books will be given to children).

Reading – reading regularly is by far one of the best ways you can help your child with their learning. A Year 6 child should read with an adult for 10-15 minutes three to four days a week whatever their level of reading fluency. Regular trips to a public library or book shop would help your child to experience a range of different genres. Please talk with your child regularly about the books they are reading, even if they are a fluent reader. In depth discussion of a text ensures that the higher level meaning is fully grasped - think of the Book Club model that is so popular with adult readers!

Here is a list of recommended reading books for the age group:

End of Key Stage 2 Assessment

We appreciate that it is early to be thinking about the end of Year 6 when your child is at the beginning of this academic year. However, we feel it is important to make you aware that your child will be formally assessed in Reading, Maths, as well as Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar in May 2021. These formal tests called SATs, will sit alongside our teacher assessments in Writing and Science.

Curriculum Overview

Some curriculum areas such as Science and Modern Foreign Languages will be taught as discrete subjects.

If you do have any questions concerning any aspect of the curriculum, or how your child is progressing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Sandhu and Miss Latif